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Simply Green FAQ

    What Cleaners and Equipment Do I Provide?

  • I provide all the cleaning products and equipment, including 100% natural cleaners, microfibre cloths and a Miele Heppa-certified vacuum cleaner (the best hypoallergenic vacuum on the market!).
  • I only use 100% natural cleaners that are biodegradable, non-toxic, use only natural ingredients and have not been tested on animals. Currently, I am using Nature Clean cream scrub and degreaser and our own recipe that contains Dr. Bronner's mild baby soap.
  • Just contact me and I will be happy to provide a complete list of products and ingredients for you.

    What Is my Intensive Clean?

  • My estimates are always based on a full Intensive Clean, a top-to-bottom detailing of your home. Your home will get the full, Intensive Clean every time. Please take a look at my Intensive Cleaning task list here. Of course, if you don't need a full clean, we are always happy to provide only the tasks you want. Just let us know.

    What Tasks Won't I Do?

  • I do not clean outside windows, outdoor decks and patios, dishes, carpets (other than vacuuming) or the insides of ovens. I can do interior windows, the inside of your fridge for an additional fee.
  • I do not include changing linens, changing bathroom towels or laundry in my Intensive Clean, but can include these tasks for an additional fee. If you require me to do laundry please provide your own detergent. I do not bleach, dye or iron laundry.
  • I will not move heavy furniture. I will move kitchen/dining room chairs, footstools/ottomans as needed to clean. I can move larger chairs and couches if they are on wheels.
  • For rates on any tasks that require an additional fee please contact me for an estimate.

    My Rates

  • I offer discounted rates for regular cleaning visits: 5% off my highest rate for monthly and %10 off for weekly and bi-weekly cleaning visits.
    • $27 per hour, per person for weekly and bi-weekly cleaning.
    • $28.50 per hour, per person for monthly and all first time cleaning.
    • $30 per hour, per person for one-time and move-in/move-out cleaning visits.
    • (rates do not include 5% GST)
  • I charge a minimum 4 hours per visit for one-time, monthly and move-in/move-out cleaning.
  • I require 24 hours notice of cancellation for any cleaning visit.


  • I accept cash or cheque.

    Holidays and Availability

  • I am available for cleaning in Vancouver West, East Vancouver and downtown Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, as scheduling permits.
  • I am not available Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Day.
  • I cannot guarantee rescheduling during holidays. If you are bi-weekly, you might miss two visits a year. Possibly three to four if you are weekly.


  • I have a $2,000,000 commercial liability policy with Co-operators Insurance. If you have questions about insurance coverage please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.